All patients are given an individual written estimate before any planned treatment is carried out. Here is a simplified summary of our typical private treatment charges.

Routine examination 45
New patient assessment 65
Hygienist per visit 38
Tooth-coloured fillings 55 - 95
Silver fillings 55 - 90
Root canal treatment
(dependent upon number of canals)
150 - 320
Tooth-coloured crown 300 - 330
Gold crowns
(dependent upon weight)
Cosmetic crown 370 - 420
Bridgework, per tooth From 300
Cosmetic veneer 290 - 350
Upper and lower dentures 600
Single full denture 300 - 350
Partial acrylic denture 200 - 280
Partial chrome denture 490 - 600
Tooth whitening 250

Once your teeth have been examined and a treatment plan discussed you will be given a written estimate for the cost of any work required. Normally we would ask you to pay for your treatment as you go along. Alternatively we offer treatment under a Denplan capitation scheme.

Denplan or Private Treatment?

Initially all patients are seen on a private fee per-item basis as outlined above. Once a patient can be deemed to be dentally fit they can then choose to either continue to pay for treatment as it is required or join our Denplan payment plan.

Denplan is a payment scheme which allows you to budget for your dental charges throughout the year. The plan also provides valuable insurance should you require treatment whilst away from home, in an emergency or following an accident.

A typical monthly Denplan patient charge can be around the same figure that you might pay for your internet connection. There is also a discount available when more than one person joins the scheme.

Most people believe that tooth decay, gum disease and tooth loss are an inevitable part of growing older; but if you know how to take care of your teeth you should be able to look forward to a healthy mouth throughout your life.

We recommend that our patients follow a programme of preventative care, using the skill of our practice team and the support of the Denplan Care payment plan. For a fixed monthly sum, Denplan Care helps you budget for regular, affordable, preventive dental care, without the fear of costly and unexpected bills, including any treatment normally carried out by our practice.

For further information, please ask our reception staff; alternatively, our dentists will be happy to answer any queries you may have. You can click here to visit the Denplan website for more information.